[asdf-devel] Three queries ..

Greg Bennett gwbennett at sentex.ca
Wed Aug 5 00:46:44 UTC 2009

Good afternoon from Greg Bennett.

I am trying to convert some mk-defsystem files to asdf and
find myself a bit stuck over source and output files, as well
as over asdf conventions about the case of certain text items.

My mk-defsystem files contain the two keywords
:source-pathname  and :binary-pathname
As far as I can see, :pathname in asdf plays the role of :source-pathname.
In  looking for examples, I found the following in the mcclim.asd file:
.. ((:module "Tests"
        :pathname #.(make-pathname :directory '(:relative "Drei" "Tests"))
And indeed there is a subdirectory Tests of the directory Drei which is 
in the right place
relative to the opening directory of the .asd file for :relative to make 
Q1: Is it possible/permitted to say things like:
  '(:relative "One" "Two" "Three")
  to have asdf look two subdirectories down the tree ?

I have been unable to find examples of the use of :output-files in asdf. 
This option
seems to provide the role of :binary-pathname in mk-defsystem.
Currently, all tour project's binary files are stored in their own tree 
with its own root but with
the structure of the source tree maintained.
Q2: Does the syntax of :output-files permit this sort of thing ?
     I would seem to need a statement of the form
     #.(make-pathname :directory '(:absolute "Whatever"))
     since this is a separately rooted tree. Unless I find a positive 
answer to Q1, in which
     case, presumably the syntax of :output-files will be similar and I 
can locate the driving
     .asd file high enough up in the whole project for everything to be 

 From the code (above) I cut from mcclim.asd it seems that mixed case 
pathnames are
Q3: Have I misunderstood the on-line manual here ? In discussing 
components it seems
     insistent on lower case, which I had assumed asdf would 'demand' 

Thanks for any and all assistance and insights,
Cheers /Greg Bennett

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