[asdf-announce] ASDF 2.29 released

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 14:55:08 UTC 2013

Dear Lisp hackers,

I just released ASDF 2.29, a stability update due to be included in CCL 1.9.
ASDF 2.28 was released shortly after 2.27, without an announcement,
to fix an issue found by Stelian Ionescu using TEST-OP on some systems,
that wasn't visible in my automated tests so far.
ASDF 2.29 further brings:

  * deferred-warnings support for Allegro, CMUCL, SCL;
    fixes to the CCL support.

  * Upgrade fixes regarding fallback system versions;
    making it possible (via massive use of eval-when)
    to compile ASDF without loading it first.

  * Compatibility with private use of :D package nickname
    by not claiming it for package ASDF/DRIVER anymore.
    Also explicitly handle NIL in safe-file-write-date,
    in case the implementation doesn't issue a file-error in that case;
    make UTF-8 the default encoding for with-input-file.
    Be portable to #+(and sbcl (not sb-eval)).

  * Bugfixes to old bugs: inline-methods can now be unqualified (lp#485393),
    defsystem-depends-on accepts arbitrary specs, not just names (lp#1027521).

At this point, and after the massive rewrite that went into ASDF 2.27,
ASDF is getting stable enough that I'm once again inviting implementers
to update the ASDF they distribute.

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