Was ABCL 1.9.1's source tarball re-uploaded?

Ruoyu Zhong zhongruoyu at outlook.com
Wed Mar 22 13:33:20 UTC 2023

Dear ABCL maintainers,

I am a maintainer for the Homebrew package manager. Recently we noticed that the
checksum of ABCL 1.9.1’s source tarball, downloaded from
https://abcl.org/releases/1.9.1/abcl-src-1.9.1.tar.gz, has changed from
(as of 2023-02-20 10:19 UTC) to
a5bc677c9441f4a833c20a541bddd16fff9264846691de9a1daf6699f8ff11e2. May I confirm
if the source tarball was updated? Thanks!


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