Setting different class loader

Mark Evenson evenson at
Mon Feb 6 18:03:46 UTC 2023

On 2/6/23 10:09, Mark Evenson wrote:
> Such a setting of the context ClassLoader seems to be quite useful
> for integrating quite a few Java libraries with ABCL, I wonder if
> it shouldn't be the default for ABCL-ASDF loading Maven artifacts
> to set the context ClassLoader is this manner.  Would such a choice
> adversely affect anyones current usage?  I almost exclusively use
> ABCL via SLIME, so maybe production use of ABCL (i.e. as a standalone
> packaged application) would run into problems here.  Thoughts?

I've [sketched out an implementation][1] of three symbols in the JAVA 
package for working with the context classloader:

(defun classloader (&optional java-object)
(defun context-classloader (&optional java-thread)

(defmacro with-classloader ((thread-context) &body body)


The implementation of these symbols will likely make it into abcl-1.9.1 
baring any major objections.

[1]: <>

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