ASDF 3.3.6 is released

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at
Sun Aug 7 22:43:22 UTC 2022

Dear Lisp Implementation Developers and Maintainers,

Today we release ASDF 3.3.6, the sixth bugfix release for the 3.3 
release series, and -- it is devoutly to be hoped -- the final one.

We urge implementations that are currently bundling previous versions of 
ASDF -- and especially those bundling 3.3.0 through 3.3.5 -- to upgrade 
to 3.3.6 at their earliest convenience.

As maintainer, my primary role continues to be coordination and some 
limited quality control.  The real work for this release has been done 
by many contributors and bug-reporters, to whom the Common Lisp 
community owes a tremendous vote of thanks.  Their names are listed on 
the Changelog, appended below.

An extra special thanks is due to my co-maintainer, Eric Timmons, who 
has provided many fixes and also has overhauled and much improved our 
regression testing.

We *hope* that the next release will be 3.4, introducing new 
functionality but which, as the numbering suggests, will be backward 


* Fix bug loading ASDF system definitions from jar files on ABCL. 	See 
* Fix bug with version numbering after reload.  See !194 and #94. 
Thanks	to Eric Timmons.
* Fix bug in return value of UPGRADE-ASDF.  See !195.  Again, thanks to 
	Eric Timmons.
* Multiple improvements to documentation and tests.  Thanks to Nathan 
	Ringo and Phoebe Goldman.
* Add clasp support for uiop/launch program. Thanks to Christian 
* Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and tweaks.
* Don't let *package* binding leak into ASDF compile operations. Thanks 
to	Phoebe Goldman.
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