Bug # 391

Don Morrison dfm at ringing.org
Thu May 27 15:54:07 UTC 2021

I don’t think I have the ability to comment on bugs in the issue tracker,
or, if I do, I’ve not figured out how to do it. I hope sending mail to this
list for the purpose is acceptable; apologies if not.

I note that #391 was opened six years ago, but remains unfixed, and, apart
from apparently being pushed off from release to release, seems not to have
received any love for four years.

I just wanted to add a note to it that it is still being encountered in the
wild, and is, at least in one user’s case, causing some pain. File names
containing asterisks may not be a good idea, but sometimes we have no
control over the names of files we are given.

It also means at least one (uiop:subdirectories), and probably many, UIOP
functions sometimes fail in what can appear to be mysterious ways on ABCL,
but not other implementations.


Don Morrison <dfm at ringing.org>
“There have been many triumphs of justice which are mockeries
of law.”     — Thomas Hardy, /The Return of the Native/
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