Bug report: Loading a FASL into a package which doesn't import SETQ

Robert Munyer 2433647181 at munyer.com
Sun Oct 25 23:57:11 UTC 2020

The code below works in CCL, CLISP and SBCL, but not in ABCL.

$ echo '(cl:format cl:t "~&I am in package ~s.~%" cl:*package*)' > foo.lisp
$ java -jar abcl-1.7.1.jar
Armed Bear Common Lisp 1.7.1
Java 1.8.0_265 Oracle Corporation
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM
Low-level initialization completed in 0.236 seconds.
Startup completed in 0.931 seconds.
Type ":help" for a list of available commands.
CL-USER(1): (defpackage "BAR" (:use))
CL-USER(2): (let ((*package* (find-package "BAR"))) (load (compile-file "foo")))
; Compiling /tmp/foo/abcl-bin-1.7.1/foo.lisp ...
; Wrote /tmp/foo/abcl-bin-1.7.1/foo.abcl (0.036 seconds)
Error loading /tmp/foo/abcl-bin-1.7.1/foo.abcl at line 4 (offset 125)
#<THREAD "interpreter" {1B31C40C}>: Debugger invoked on condition of type UNDEFINED-FUNCTION
  The function BAR::SETQ is undefined.
  0: CONTINUE     Try again.
  1: USE-VALUE    Specify a function to call instead.
  2: RETURN-VALUE Return one or more values from the call to SETQ.
  3: TOP-LEVEL    Return to top level.
[1] BAR(3):

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