ABCL-1.7.0 released

Mark Evenson evenson at
Fri Jun 5 05:02:31 UTC 2020

> On Jun 4, 2020, at 18:57, Gregory Baryza <gabaryza at> wrote:
> As released, this will not compile using Java 14.
> File:, line 13, needs to be changed from
> abcl.javac.source=1.6
> to
> abcl.javac.source=1.8 is the template for; changing it doesn’t effect the compilation at all.  

To compile for openjdk14 one must either edit to the correct properties or use the configuration script as documented in the [README][1].

I will revisit the README to make this situation clearer.  


> File src/org/armedbear/lisp/java/swing/, line 144, needs to be changed from
> yield();
> to
> Thread.yield();
> because the compiler reports that the command "yield" is now a reserved word. Adding the class name makes it clear this is a function reference.

The compilation still succeeds: it is merely a warning.  I will gladly accept a patch for removing the warning provided the source is still compatible with Java 1.6.

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