java:jinterface-implementation: multiple interfaces?

Steven Nunez steve_nunez at
Thu Jul 30 03:18:16 UTC 2020

Is there a way to implement multiple interfaces on a single Java proxy? This code almost works:


 "call" (lambda (s) (length s)))
except that the proxy also needs to implement Serializable. The jproxy code in java.lisp seems to suggest that multiple implementations are allowed:
(defgeneric jmake-proxy (interface implementation &optional lisp-this)  (:documentation "Returns a proxy Java object implementing the provided interface(s)...
but I can't see adding multiple implementations in the code. I see there's a few jmake-proxy methods in there though: are there any documentation or examples for their usage? Lsw2 doesn't use this at all and I can't find any other good examples of using ABCL.

Multiple interfaces from the jinterface-implementation function would be ideal, as the above code could then be wrapped with a macro to produce a 'spark-lambda' and be used nearly like the regular ABCL lambda.

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