run-program issues with OpenJDK 11

Eric Timmons etimmons at
Wed Jul 22 19:03:21 UTC 2020

I just tested this on a fresh Debian Buster VM (to rule out anything
weird from my environment) with openjdk-11-jdk-headless and ABCL 1.7.1
and ended up with the same results:

+ The prebuilt jar is unable to use sys:run-program at all.

+ When built from source, sys:run-program works, but sys:process-pid
  does not.



Mark: I just realized that your use of swank-backend:getpid doesn't
match what I was trying to do. Swank's getpid gets the PID of the
current process, but I was trying to get the PID of a process started
with (sys:run-program ... :wait nil) using sys:process-pid.


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