Problems compiling abcl-1.6.1

Mark Evenson evenson at
Tue Apr 28 17:58:56 UTC 2020

[For some reason Greg’s message wasn’t delivered via email, so I am replying “out of band” without the proper SMTP headers.]

> I am an ABCL user, but by no means an expert.  I just unpacked the source
> zip file and tried to compile it without success. I am using Java 14.0.1
> and Ant 1.9.6. The resulting output is attached.	

buildfile: C:\Users\baryza\__Library\Armed_Bear_Lisp\abcl-src-1.6.1\build.xml

    [javac] Compiling 271 source files to C:\Users\baryza\__Library\Armed_Bear_Lisp\abcl-src-1.6.1\build\classes
    [javac] warning: [options] bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 6
    [javac] error: Source option 6 is no longer supported. Use 7 or later.
    [javac] error: Target option 6 is no longer supported. Use 7 or later.

For Java 14, we need to tell the compiler to target the right source compatibility. 

There is a script in `ci/create-abcl-properties.bash` that works with Bash to do configuration, but I see from your logs that you are running under Windows.

So do the steps manually:

1.  copy `` to ``

2.  Change the line with `abcl.javac.source` to read


Then you should be able to compile (or at least get past this error).

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