Moving the Bear past Java 11

Mark Evenson at
Thu Nov 14 14:59:24 UTC 2019

As the leaves fall in the Northern hemisphere, thoughts of the Bear
turn to a rumored permanent slumber, and a complete absence of the
possibility of new updates.  The Bear [accepts][trac] [all][gitab]
patches][github], so if you don't like the current implementation,
please get out and push.  Or pull?  Or fast forward? The Bear is
seemingly always confused with Git…

As previously rumored, [patches for getting the Armed Bear Common Lisp
implementation running on Java 11][github-with-java11] have landed in
the [trunk][trunk-with-java11].

Unless anyone objects strongly, we will release [ABCL
1.6.0][abcl-1.6.0] as soon as possible with the intention to support
the openjdk{6,7,8,11} runtimes.

After stabilizing the 1.6 branch with the inevitable necessary and
unknown updates, we can turn our attention to the [2.0
branch][abcl-2.0.0] which will introduce support for additional
runtimes but drop support for emitting openjdk6 or openjdk7 compatible

As always, everyone's desires are welcome to be expressed.

yers in CONS,
Mark < at>

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"No, this is not a disentanglement, but a progressive /knotting-into/."

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