problems in compiler

Don Cohen don-abcl at
Sat Mar 30 14:57:43 UTC 2019

Mark Evenson writes:

 > 2) From the stack trace, it seems clear that the error stems from
 > the compiler being invoked (see '59:' ff.) in the process of the
 > loading the fasl itself ('70:' ff.):

Yes, this makes perfect sense to me.
Loading a compile file executes arbitrary code and that
can call compile.

 > The loading of the JVM class which is causing the stack trace which
 > seemingly corresponds to the error is on line 392 of
 > "relation.lsp", namely the line which adds a tester:
 >   (++ RelTester 'StructProp 'StructPropTester)

In my source that is line 342.
What I normally expect is that errors in compiling or loading come
from the previous line,
  (++ RelAdder 'StructProp 'AddStructProp)
which is the first ++ in the file.
Perhaps the two lines are being processed together?

 > But I can't "seemingly" figure out how this line expands into the
 > call to AP5::GETUPDATE, so maybe my reasoning is somehow faulty
 > here, but I at least wanted to record how far I have gotten.

++ is a macro that calls translateupdate (all this in transact.lsp)
and that calls getupdate.

Thanks for your help.  

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