java.lang.VerifyError with PROGN

Mark Evenson evenson at
Thu Dec 19 11:19:59 UTC 2019

> On Dec 19, 2019, at 00:29, somewhat-functional-programmer <somewhat-functional-programmer at> wrote:
> Glad to hear it, I appreciate you trying it again.  I'll try to go through the building of SBCL myself too -- it's really a blessing to have these types of existing resources already available to help test (the ansi-test suite is also fantastic).

Somehow, I missed receiving Mark’s patch for yesterday for reasons that I can’t explain.  

Fortunately, I did receive Eric’s confirmation that Mark’s patch works for him and was able to retrieve the patch from the mailing list archives.  

[I have now applied the patch to ABCL][1].  

This will be part of abcl-1.6.1, which I intend to release over the holidays.

Eric:  Thanks again for the concise test case from hosting the SBCL compilation via ABCL.

Mark:  Thank you for the fix, and especially the use of PROVE tests.


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