ABCL efficiency and build settings

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Mon Nov 26 16:35:56 UTC 2018

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> How well do these debugging/profiling facilities work with ABCL? Will I be able to find out the name of lisp functions being called during a profile or only Java functions? CCL has this problem where we cannot get the lisp functions names in profiling, only the objective C methods.

The inspectability of the JVM call stack is certainly better than Clojure even from just reading the function names.  

Using a [customized version of SLIME][1] allows the use the [ABCL-INTROSPECT][2], which is probably the most advanced way of debugging ABCL.  


As for your suspecting that your application is spawning more threads than you would expect, from your code snippet I can’t really offer much other than to wonder what the definition on the DISCONNECT involves.  Again providing an example of code, even a stripped down toy application that demonstrates the problem would be enoromously more useful for me to help out.


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