Causing an exception rather than calling the debugger

Blake McBride blake at
Wed May 2 14:39:44 UTC 2018

Thanks.  That fixed my problem.  This is an important issue.

I am putting together a system that provides microservices in Lisp.  I'll
be making it public when done.

Without this fix, a bug in a microservice kills the whole thing thus
eliminating the whole value of a microservice.

It would be great to have a formal solution incorporated.


Blake McBride

On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 7:44 AM, Vibhu Mohindra <vibhu.mohindra at>

> Hi Blake,
> I, too, have some Lisp code embedded in Java code. I investigated this
> issue in the following three posts beneath:
> titled, "disabling debugger in production"
> /2016-June/003690.html
> /2016-July/003692.html
> /2017-April/003837.html
> My current solution is to call the installDebuggerHook() function
> described in the first post. And also to install the error() function as
> described at the bottom of the last post. But as that post says, this
> solution isn't perfect.
> Vibhu
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