How to load the jna jar file before cffi?

Vibhu Mohindra vibhu.mohindra at
Wed May 10 21:40:17 UTC 2017

In case this helps, I launch ABCL using this script, which I call

exec rlwrap java -classpath
org.armedbear.lisp.Main "$@"

jna lets me use CFFI (if I remember correctly),
asm lets me use #'disassemble,
rlwrap gives me readline support

However, I suspect that you're trying to get your ASDF system to load in
other people's installations, without requiring them to use a script
like the above. In that case, the above is useless.

What if you just place your first snippet into its own file, say
"load-jna.lisp". List that as the first file in your ASDF system. When
subsequent files load, they will find JNA already in place. Might that work?


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