asdf:defsystem complains about path, sometimes

Vibhu Mohindra vibhu.mohindra at
Wed Mar 1 16:30:23 UTC 2017

Interesting. CLISP and SBCL can evaluate (defsystem ...), but CCL, ECL,
ABCL can't.

This is how I see things.

Lisp "forms" are those S-Expressions that can be evaluated.
(+ 3 4)
are S-Expressions that are forms, but
is one that isn't.

I have only ever assumed that (defsystem ...) was an S-Expression, and
not necessarily a Lisp form. I make use of the (defsystem ...) in a
*.asd file by calling:
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op "...")
(ql:quickload "...")

I don't know that (defsystem ...) :
a) is a lisp form at all, that can be evaluated by typing it in directly
or by loading its containing file
b) even if it is a form, whether it expects #'asdf:operate to set things
up in a particular way before evaluating it.

So I don't know that what you're trying to do is supported by asdf. If
you know that it's meant to be, then you've found a bug.


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