How to call System.getProperty("user.home") from ABCL

Mark Evenson evenson at
Wed Jun 21 05:52:54 UTC 2017

On 6/20/17 21:35, Marco Antoniotti wrote:
> Well.  It looks like somebody’s bug nevertheless.
> These are not the days of MS-DOS anymore, and I believe that W10 has a clear notion of “user home”.

It is a bug with the ORCL JVM, which does not properly encapsulate the
notion of "user home" under Windows, probably because it has been
historically revised and overloaded as (un)necessary by MSFT.

ABCL needs to support any Windows platform capable of running Java 6,
not just Windows 10, so we would need code conditionalized by the
Windows platform that ABCL is running on.  As such, we would need a
clear notion of "user home" on all existing Windows operating systems.
Were someone submit such a patch, we would include it with ABCL.

The user may always specify the value of "user home" to ABCL by passing
a '-Duser.home=SOMEPLACE' argument to the invoking JVM.

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