ABCL User Question about following HTTP redirects for CL:OPEN on EXT:PATHNAME-URL references?

Mark Evenson at
Sun Jun 4 08:49:02 UTC 2017

Alan Ruttenberg from <>:

So if you want to do something like use uiop/stream:copy-file which does
something like open the source, open the dest, read/write, it will not
do what you might expect. I don't see a way of controlling this
behavior. Arguably the default ought to be to follow redirects and open
the redirected-to file.

I replied:

ABCL-BUILD now uses uiop/steam:copy-file for the machinery which
retreives XDG rooted Ant and Maven installations from well-known URIs
so the underlying ext:pathname-url implementation on seems to be working for cases in which the
URI is already canonical in the form that would be idempotent for
following across HTTP 3xx redirects.

WORKAROUND: The current usage expected of the user is to introspect any
reference to a ext:pathname-url via CL:TRUENAME. If there is an
underlying redirect, CL:TRUENAME should somehow offer an API to the user
to customize its behavior. I am currently against "jumping" across URI
schema changes without a chance for user intervention. Smells like
another restart to me.

What would the current users of Armed Bear to do:

automatically follow all HTTP retrieval redirects without regards to
security concerns,


follow the current policy of doing "whatever ORCL thinks is right for"?

"No, this is not a disentanglement, but a progressive /knotting-into/."

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