ASDF Issue with compiler warnings on ABCL

Mark Evenson evenson at
Sat Jul 22 10:04:25 UTC 2017

On 7/21/17 00:10, Robert Goldman wrote:
> ASDF wraps its compilation process with WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT.
> On at least some implementations, this is necessary so that building
> doesn't emit spurious undefined function (variable, etc.) warnings.
> However, on ABCL, using WITH-COMPILATION-UNIT has the side effect of
> causing warnings to be intercepted and handled by HANDLE-WARNING.  Then
> it seems that *resignal-compiler-warnings* is bound to NIL, and the
> compiler swallows them, instead of allowing them to flow down the stack
> to ASDF's handlers.
> In turn, this causes at least some of our regression tests to fail,
> because they check for expected warnings.
> This looks to me like a bug, but perhaps it's a feature ;-)  Would you
> please explain and let us know how to handle this

I am not entirely clear about why ABCL seemingly swallows compiler
warnings by default.  Such behavior may be historical, having something
to do with getting an ancient version of SLIME working, but that is just
a guess.

I am on a road trip at the moment, returning from surfing in the Bay of
Biscay, so my time and access to resources address your issue is rather
limited.  I anticipate having time to provide a provisional answer early
next week.

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