IEEE NaN and Infinities

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I am fiddling around with IEEE NaN and Infinities.

In LW and CCL you have the following conventions for such things:

1d+-0	is NaN (quiet; double float)
1d++0	is positive infinity (double float)

Negative infinities are obtained by prepending ‘-‘ to the positive infinities.  Other float lengths can be obtained by using the appropriate ’s’, ‘e’, ‘f’, ‘l’.

I tried an (APROPOS “NAN”) and an (APROPOS “INFINITY”) in ABCL, but got nothing.

Being myself a lazy bastard, I thought of asking directly here instead of looking at the code :)  Any possibility of seeing these in ABCL?

Apart from that, there is the issue of “rounding modes”.  Would it be possible to add them or access them in ABCL?



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