"Don't know how to REQUIRE JSS" when loading Lisp code from Java

Frederico Munoz fsmunoz at sdf.org
Tue Apr 25 17:29:03 UTC 2017


Vibhu Mohindra <vibhu.mohindra at gmail.com> wrote:
> You might be missing a:
> (require "abcl-contrib")
> line. The following is what works for me. I've got abcl-contrib.jar in
> the same directory as abcl.jar :

Yes, that was exactly it, in the meantime I algo got help from the IRC
channel and that line did the trick, thank you.

Btw, the reason it works in SLime is because it is loaded as part of Slime

Startup completed in 1.73 seconds.
Using probed value of abcl-contrib:
Added jar:file:/opt/abcl-bin-1.4.0/abcl-contrib.jar!/quicklisp/ to ASDF.
Added jar:file:/opt/abcl-bin-1.4.0/abcl-contrib.jar!/mvn/ to ASDF.
Added jar:file:/opt/abcl-bin-1.4.0/abcl-contrib.jar!/jss/ to ASDF.

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