patch for bug 443 (ENCODE-UNIVERSAL-TIME effectively ignores TIME-ZONE argument)

Mark Evenson evenson at
Sun Apr 16 05:35:37 UTC 2017

On 4/16/17 01:08, Robert Dodier wrote:
> Hi, here is a patch to fix bug 443. With this change, Maxima + ABCL
> passes its tests (in tests/rtest11.mac for the record) for
> parse_timedate which calls ENCODE-UNIVERSAL-TIME.

Thanks for the patch; it has been applied as [r14995][].


> Incidentally this patch also fixes an unreported bug in
> DECODE-UNIVERSAL-TIME: the daylight saving flag is reported
> incorrectly because EXT:GET-TIME-ZONE expects its argument in
> milliseconds, not seconds.

Nice catch of the wrong use of units in GET-TIME-ZONE.  This provides
more evidence that the code [implementing "time of the time" daylight
savings semantics][r14840] should never have been committed in the first
place, especially given that even after applying [r14995][] we still
have failures in the ANSI test suite with DECODE-UNIVERSAL-TIME.3
ENCODE-UNIVERSAL-TIME.3 that were introduced with [r14840][].

Frankly, I don't completely understand all the things that time.lisp is
trying to do with time interpretation, so part of the fault lies with
me.  I am in the process of incrementally defining my own tests for
{DECODE,ENCODE}-UNIVERSAL-TIME.* to understand the code a bit better, as
I find it a bit easier than trying to understand actually what the
ANSI-TEST suite is trying to do.


> I can't sign in to the bug tracker as the OpenID button doesn't work
> and I don't remember my username/password and I don't
> see a way to get a password reminder on

Yes, OpenID on the ABCL Trac does not currently work, as Google stop
serving OAuth in favor of Oauth2 to which an upgrade was not possible on
our side the last time I looked at it (18 months ago?)

And there is unfortunately no self-service administration for the HTTP authentication credentials.  If you wish to get a
reset, please email me privately with your username, and I'll reset it
for you.


> Hope this helps, and all the best.

It helps tremendously with another blocker on the road to the
imminent-for-real-now [abcl-1.5.0][]


"A screaming comes across the sky.  It has happened before, but there
is nothing to compare to it now."

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