AW: Moved to github?

stefan-husmann at stefan-husmann at
Fri Sep 2 13:29:24 UTC 2016

>Betreff: Moved to github?
>Datum: 2016-09-01T22:11:43+0200
>Von: "Robert P. Goldman" <rpgoldman at>
>An: "Armed Bear" <armedbear-devel at>
>I see that there are now active github repositories for ABCL.  But the
> homepage for ABCL still suggests that we get ABCL source
>from SVN.  Should this be changed?

anyone can clone a repo and create a new one at github, Many Projects suffer from this fact. Some days ago someone wrote a Report about code quality in inkscape with an inofficial github repo as reference. Inkscape still uses Launchpad and bazaar.

Just my two Cents.

Best Regards


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