SYS:RUN-PROGRAM does not work on pre-Java7 JVMs (was Re: abcl-1.4.0 released)

Douglas Miles logicmoo at
Sat Nov 19 11:50:27 UTC 2016

​A quick note
​ have some projects in which I use ABCL on that still need java1.6  I was

​to use the new code as well

> 1. Un-deprecate SYS:RUN-SHELL-COMMAND. Use the pre Java 7 APIs as best
> we can to support invoking programs, which essentially boils down to
> being able to take a string, attempt to invoke it, and return its stdout
> as a string.
> 2.    Re-code the SYS:RUN-PROGRAM Java callsite linkages so that ABCL
> may be compiled on pre-Java7 JDKs. Produce an intelligible error if it
> is invoked on a pre-Java7 JVM.
> 3.     Create an API to determine runtime JVM version. Wrap
> UIOP/RUN-PROGRAM invocation in some sort of handler that will "fall
> back" to using SYS:RUN-SHELL-COMMAND if it has compatible behavior via
> specified args. This will potentially be fairly ugly code ASDF-side so
> we might provide a shim that UIOP/RUN-PROGRAM invokes that contains the
> logic outside the ASDF code base.
> Any objections to this path forward?
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