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Hernan Ezequiel Di Giorgi hernan.digiorgi at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 23:35:07 UTC 2016

The result of cl:compile, how can be loaded via java using

I'm compiling all the dependencies of a proyect and generating a super
abcl.jar with my project inside, in the root directory of the abcl.jar i
have a "system.abcl", that can be loaded with cl:load only with it outside
the jar. If i try to load if from the jar with the full path
"jar:file:/path/abcl.jar!/system.abcl" the repl simply freezes, and do
nothing (via java or repl).

The org.armedbear.lisp.load.load() throws an exception because don't load
the .abcl.

The abcl is generated with (asdf:operate
'asdf:monolithic-compile-boundle-op system-name). I just can't use the
.abcl when is inside the jar.

Any ideas??
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