Getting Java Class objects, and JSS

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Tue Jul 7 20:24:42 UTC 2015

Hello list,

I'm working on getting ABCL + the Jetty <> web
server + SLIME working together as a development environment for Google App
Engine web apps[1]. This seems to be what the Clojure people have done
run your own Jetty server & SWANK server, then load the GAE JARs to provide
the same emulated services as the GAE SDK's development server.

I've been working through the "Embedding Jetty" tutorials[2] and making
reasonable progress (with help from Mark Evenson and others on #abcl -
thanks Mark!). I've been doing it all in Lisp (so far), making my own
servlet classes using JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS. Ideally I'd like to make an ABCL
library equivalent to (a subset of) Compojure
<> (and appengine-magic

Some of the tutorials have code like:

  context.addServlet(HelloServlet.class, "/");

Is it possible to get Class objects for Java classes I've made with
JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS (or indeed for any other Java class)?

I've been using "raw" JCLASS & JMETHOD etc. calls to experience just how
painful that really is, but I'm apprehensive about using JSS
<> and
paying the runtime dynamic dispatch penalty, given that on GAE time is
money. Something more like a SLIME plug-in that looked up & cached classes,
methods & fields at editing time (perhaps also parsing Java expressions)
and generated "statically typed" code would be nice (possibly using code
from e.g. JDEE <>
and/or CEDET <>) - has anyone else thought
about this?


John :^P (hoping HTML email to the list isn't a social faux pas)

[1] I have a page of initial notes and links at
John Pallister
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