Licensing Issues

Hamda Binte Ajmal hamda.binte.ajmal at
Thu Jul 2 11:42:56 UTC 2015

Pascal J. Bourguignon <pjb at ...> writes:

Thank you once again.
Lisp code is essential for Java UI + Dragmath (at runtime)
But not vice versa, i.e. Lisp code can be used independently without 
having to link it to Java UI.
So it makes the project a derived work of Lisp code.

Also, Dragmath is necessary (even at compile time) for Java UI, which 
makes Java UI a derived work of Dragmath.

So Java UI has to respect both licenses.

As GPL is more restrictive than BSD, It will take over the java UI , i.e 
Java UI has to be released under GPL (Sad, but I can compromise)

My main interest is that Lisp code is released under BSD. I have to share 
the source of Lisp anyway so the clause of GPL you mentioned doesn't 
matter much to me.

Thanks again,

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