Licensing Issues

Hamda Binte Ajmal hamda.binte.ajmal at
Wed Jul 1 11:19:27 UTC 2015

Thank you everyone for all the responses.
I have read the discussion and also read the content on

Now let me describe my scenario again.

The Lisp code is not licensed yet, I wrote it and I DO NOT want it to be 
released under GPL. I want it to be BSD.

After that, I wrote a Java project that is basically the UI. This java 
project is using a component called DragMath which is released under GNU 
GPL, so it makes my java UI project GNU GPLed (sadly).

This combined project (dragmath + UI) uses ABCL.jar to compile, load and 
execute lisp functions written in my LISP code.

My Lisp code is completely irrelevant to DragMath or Java UI project.

from the weblink above, my case most probably falls under section 
It is definitely not static linking, they are NOT in the same executable 
file and the project can compile without the LISP code.

It loads the lisp code at run time. 
Now this line from GNU GPL FAQ 
" If modules are designed to run linked together in a shared address 
space [dynamic linking], that almost surely means combining them into 
one program."  

is the grey area. I wonder if it is possible to release LISP code under 
BSD! Again reading the web and discussion, I guess answer is yes, or 
wait court ruling, :-D

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