addRepository call

Mark Evenson evenson at
Wed Jul 1 04:23:03 UTC 2015

> On 01 Jul 2015, at 00:45, Cyrus Harmon <ch-lisp at> wrote:
> A recent commit:
> 62a21ec Fix ABCL-ASDF usage with maven-3.3.x


> The upshot of this change is that it broke my code that uses :repository nil. This may be a non-standard thing, but I use it for jars in my local maven library. I propose the following:

A docstring or too from your side would be nice, as I have never tried to force
the exclusive use of the <file:~/.m2/> (I think this is what you are doing,

> which will call ensure-remote-repository only if :repository NIL is not explicitly specified. Any objections?

Your patch doesn’t seem to break my usage; applied in [r14791][].

From my empirical wrangling with maven-3.3.x, it had seemed necessary to always
add the remote repository to the CollectRequest, but apparently it isn’t.
Funny that the subsequent call to #”collectDependencies” doesn’t need the local
repository forced in the same manner, but I’ll just chalk that up to “that crazy


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