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Mon Dec 14 22:39:20 UTC 2015

Hello list,

I'm trying to configure ASDF to load my application while running within
the Google App Engine development server (Jetty 6.1). My Ant build script
uses ASDF-JAR:PACKAGE to produce a single JAR file containing my
application and all dependencies, and copies this to the war/WEB-INF/lib/
directory so that it's in the classpath.

At runtime (in a separate bootstrap.lisp file), following the example of
ASDF-JAR:ADD-TO-ASDF[1], I search the application JAR file (obtained by
grovelling JAVA:DUMP-CLASSPATH) for the .ASD files and push them all onto
ASDF:*CENTRAL-REGISTRY*. So far so good. (Having read the ASDF manual I now
know I should either build a .cl-source-registry.cache file into the JAR or
compute an ASDF source registry configuration and include that.)

When ASDF starts up it tries to read various configuration files from the
filesystem, for both the source registry and for its output translations.
This isn't allowed by App Engine. On #lisp, Attila Lendvai suggested that
giving ASDF a source registry configuration of '(:SOURCE-REGISTRY
:IGNORE-INHERITED-CONFIGURATION) should suppress this behaviour, and it
does seem to work.

Now I'm struggling to get the output translations to work. Based on
ADD-TO-ASDF again I'm using an output translations configuration of:

    (,(merge-pathnames "/**/*.*" *application-jar-path*)) ; => #P"/**/*.*"

i.e. a pathname with the JAR path as the PATHNAME-DEVICE.

With this I get the error "access denied (""
"/___jar___file___root___" "read")". This matches the default translations

  (defun wrapping-output-translations ()
    ;; Some implementations have precompiled ASDF systems,
    ;; so we must disable translations for implementation paths.
      #+(or #|clozure|# ecl mkcl sbcl)
      ,@(let ((h (resolve-symlinks* (lisp-implementation-directory))))
          (when h `(((,h ,*wild-path*) ()))))
      #+mkcl (,(translate-logical-pathname "CONTRIB:") ())
      ;; All-import, here is where we want user stuff to be:
      ;; These are for convenience, and can be overridden by the user:
      #+abcl (#p"/___jar___file___root___/**/*.*" (:user-cache #p"**/*.*"))
      #+abcl (#p"jar:file:/**/*.jar!/**/*.*" (:function
      ;; We enable the user cache by default, and here is the place we do:

Although I don't understand exactly how the "JAR file as device" (JFAD)
translations are supposed to work, one thing that struck me as odd while
investigating things was this:

CL-USER> (make-pathname :device (list #P"/foo.jar"))
CL-USER> (merge-pathnames "**/*.*" *)
CL-USER> (merge-pathnames "/**/*.*" **)
CL-USER> (pathname-directory **)
CL-USER> (pathname-directory **)

That is, merging a relative path with the (absolute) JFAD path retained the
default JAR file "device" (and remains a relative path, which ASDF won't
accept), but merging an absolute path reset the device component. I've read
through the documentation for MERGE-PATHNAMES in the HyperSpec[2] and
AFAICT the device component should be copied across. I'm reasonably
confident that if it were, things would work better. But I could be
(doubly) wrong.

I am trying to figure this out for myself, but I'm stuck for now, so I'm
hoping someone (i.e. Mark) can, on reading this, offer some guidance as to
where I should go from here. I haven't (yet) tried posting to the ASDF
mailing list as this seems like a fairly ABCL-specific issue.

I guess the fallback is to unpack the application JAR and just load the
FASLs directly, but (based again on ADD-TO-ASDF) I'm pretty sure that this
should work, and it does seem to be the Right Thing.

Any or all comments and/or advice appreciated,


John :^P

John Pallister
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