Are you looking for an idea for an ABCL project?

Ralph Ritoch rritoch at
Sat Aug 1 09:06:58 UTC 2015


I was invited by someone in the virt.x community to add ABCL to the virt.x
project .  I don't foresee having the time to do the
integration this year but if anyone is interested it looks like there are
many in the Java development community who are interested in using
common-lisp in their JVM applications. The virt.x system supports maven and
integration with vert.x will most likely require that the maven integration
issues, including integration of abcl-contrib from the classpath (maven) be
resolved before integration will be possible. I don't currently use virt.x
but it looks like a good system for large teams with diverse programming

Best Regards,
  Ralph Ritoch
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