Fwd: possible abcl bug: incorrectly deletes "unused" local function

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 16:28:28 UTC 2015

Hi Erik,

ABCL appears to remove a function definition that it incorrectly thinks is
unused. I've attached abcl-bug.lisp. Here is a transcript:

ABCL (fails)

VibhuMondrasMBP:Desktop vibhu$ abcl.sh
Armed Bear Common Lisp 1.3.1
Java 1.8.0_11 Oracle Corporation
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM
Low-level initialization completed in 0.394 seconds.
Startup completed in 1.8 seconds.
Loading /Users/vibhu/.abclrc completed in 11.668 seconds.
Type ":help" for a list of available commands.
CL-USER(1): (load "abcl-bug")
; Note: deleting unused local function LABELS =G
CL-USER(2): (sample2 1)
#<THREAD "interpreter" {4F4C3489}>: Debugger invoked on condition of type
  The function SAMPLE2 is undefined.
  0: CONTINUE     Try again.
  1: USE-VALUE    Specify a function to call instead.
  2: RETURN-VALUE Return one or more values from the call to SAMPLE2.
  3: TOP-LEVEL    Return to top level.
[1] CL-USER(3):

CLISP (works)

VibhuMondrasMBP:Desktop vibhu$ clisp
;; Loading file /Users/vibhu/.clisprc ...
;;  Loading file /Users/vibhu/quicklisp/setup.lisp ...
;;   Loading file /Users/vibhu/quicklisp/ASDF.lisp ...
;;   Loaded file /Users/vibhu/quicklisp/ASDF.lisp
;;  Loaded file /Users/vibhu/quicklisp/setup.lisp
;; Loaded file /Users/vibhu/.clisprc
[1]> (load "abcl-bug")
;; Loading file /Users/vibhu/Desktop/abcl-bug.lisp ...
;; Loaded file /Users/vibhu/Desktop/abcl-bug.lisp
[2]> (bug)
[3]> (load "tco2")
;; Loading file /Users/vibhu/Desktop/tco2.lisp ...
;; Loaded file /Users/vibhu/Desktop/tco2.lisp
[4]> (sample2 1)



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