[Armedbear-devel] ASDF 3.1.2 released

Robert P. Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Tue May 6 21:32:46 UTC 2014

The release version of ASDF 3.1, version 3.1.2, has finally arrived.
It is loaded with bug-fixes, more portability (substantially better
support on Windows; several new lisp implementations), better
documentation (extensive revisions to the Texinfo manual), and new
convenience features such as PACKAGE-INFERRED-SYSTEMs.

We urge the maintainers of lisp implementations to move to version 3.1.2
directly, as it is clearly superior to its predecessors.  This is
especially true if you are currently bundling a pre-release version of ASDF.

For a list of changes, see the attached changelog.

Special thanks to Dave Cooper and Anton Vodonosov (alphabetically) for
testing support.  Thanks to all those who have participated in the
discussions on ASDF-devel for bug fixes, suggestions, and course
corrections.  Thanks to Pete Keller for proofreading this announcement;
any remaining errors are mine alone.

Although he is no longer the lead maintainer, François-René Rideau
(Fare), has continued to expend vast amounts of effort on ASDF, and
provided invaluable guidance to the code submitted by the rest of us.

The latest version of ASDF is available at the project website:

Robert P. Goldman
ASDF maintainer-in-chief
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