[Armedbear-devel] Having trouble with ASDF-JAR

Robert Dodier robert.dodier at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 01:59:44 UTC 2014

Hi, I'm trying ASDF-JAR again. I'm working with the svn trunk (current
revision 14736). Here's what I get:

    CL-USER(1): (require 'asdf)
    ("uiop" "UIOP" "asdf" "ASDF")
    CL-USER(2): (require 'abcl-contrib)
    Using probed value of abcl-contrib:
    CL-USER(3): (require 'asdf-jar)
    #<THREAD "interpreter" {13AD88B}>: Debugger invoked on condition of type SIMPLE-ERROR
      Don't know how to REQUIRE ASDF-JAR.

I guess I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks for your help,

Robert Dodier

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