[armedbear-devel] Looking for someone(s) for a project

Alan Ruttenberg alanruttenberg at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 22:05:11 UTC 2013

STOP Reading here if you absolutely no interest in or bandwidth for doing
work for hire.


The project will probably *not* be implemented in lisp, but many of you
can, I know, program in any language. We do intend that the server side be
based on the JVM so that there is flexibility in choice of language used.
Whether or not lisp can be used, and to what extent, will depend on how
persuasive I am in convincing the group that owns the existing system that
allowing development in a number of different languages  is a Good Thing.

One project is to help start moving a legacy windows(PowerBuilder, .net,
SQL server)-based app, typically accessed through Citrix, towards a
standards-based web platform (e.g. firefox on the client). The strategy is
to start adding new functionality using web standards and have them
interoperate with the existing system. As time permits they will move old
functionality over. The system is an electronic dental record and so issues
that will have to be dealt with are having secure connections, coordinated
timeouts of screens (after any activity in either the app window or web app
the timer is reset, after the last activity windows need be locked). This
means there has to be a system by which windows on both sides of the
application are coordinated, with failsafes in the case of losing network
connectivity. Other issues to address are:

- Coordination with Citrix - ideally the VPN enabling the web app is
carried by the single Citrix connection.
- Storage backend. There is interest in having new storage being
- Possibility of using AWS

Perhaps by the same person, or by another, we will want to start building
functionality on the web side. In this case I would want someone with solid
experience using a modern javascript toolkit and either direct design
experience or who works with a designer. I would expect to see a portfolio
of previous work.

Telecommuting will be an option, though there may be need for a visit to
Buffalo at some point in the project.

Schedule: It would be beneficial to aim for a quick proof of concept, then
move into development. The next milestone will be deployment in a new
clinic in a matter of months (legacy plus whatever new functionality we can
add during that time). How much effort is spent in the legacy system versus
in the new standards-based system depends on how quickly we can show that
the strategy works and can be a reasonable basis for development. A likely
project is to extend the current system with the ability to record medical
history, with this interaction taking place on the web side.

The project, all told, could exercise quite a spectrum of skills.
 Depending on the people working on the project, and the needs of the
future clinic denizens we will obviously need to be strategic in setting
prioritizes and crafting a plan. The ideal candidate would have experience
and previous success in planning implementation so they can be a useful
participant in our project strategizing.

If you are perhaps interested in this work, please contact me offline at
alanruttenberg at gmail.com with the understanding that while I am tasked
getting some leads on skilled programmers I am not the person responsible
for hiring. But I'll have influence and will have some level of ongoing
relation to the project.


ps. I think the project will be fun. YMMV.
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