[armedbear-devel] abcl-1.1.0 vs. abcl- known differences

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Sat Jan 26 06:59:29 UTC 2013

To address a question that came up on #abcl: what is the difference
between the abcl-1.1.0 and abcl- releases?

The short answer is that there should be no difference.  The release of
abcl-1.1.0 (and accompanying signatures) were updated "in-place" within
twenty-four hours of their release.

As stated in the abcl- release announcement, the only known
initial difference between the 1.1.0 and releases of ABCL was
that somehow the ABCL-CONTRIB ASDF definition in 1.1.0 was syntactically
invalid as it included an extra comma (",") character preventing it from
loading.  After this was discovered, the abcl-1.1.0 release was rebuilt
and "updated" in place on common-lisp.net.  Because googlecode requires
that published URIs point idempotently to their resources over time
(probably to make universal distribution easier) a release designated
abcl- release was made to googlecode.com

If there are any observed differences between the two releases, I would
appreciate knowing more details accompanied by information on how the
distribution was obtained.


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