[armedbear-devel] Support for maven-3.1.0 in trunk

Anton Vodonosov avodonosov at yandex.ru
Fri Aug 16 14:11:08 UTC 2013

Thanks a lot!

16.08.2013, 15:47, "Mark Evenson" <evenson at panix.com>:
> On 8/10/13 5:03 AM, Anton Vodonosov wrote:
> […]
>>  After fixing the problems one by one I now have working version -
>>  see svn.diff attached (can't submit it as a ticket, because don't know
>>  how to login into the new ABCL Trac).
>>  I must say I now feel how convenient :mvn ASDEF componets are.
>>  I just do (ql:quickload :my-system) and it automatically installs
>>  and loads all the Lisp and Java dependencies (ApachePOI takes 8 .jar files to install).
>>  As for keeping compatibility with old maven. Various approaches possible here.
>>  I would suggest to commit my patch and be compatible with the latest maven
>>  version. If necessary, record a separate ticket to generalize/conditionalize
>>  the :mvn components implementation to make it compatible with both old and new maven.
> […]
> I've used your patch as the basis for a version compatible with all
> versions of Maven from 3.0.3 onwards in [r14574][].
> [r14574]: http://lisp.not.org/trac/armedbear/changeset/14574
> Hopefully this now works for everyone:  lemme know if that is not the case.
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