[armedbear-devel] One (probably) stupid question

Francisco Vides Fernández fvides at dedaloingenieros.com
Fri May 18 11:14:07 UTC 2012

I'm aware that this must be a stupid question, but after googling for a
while can't find the right answer:

How can I invoke a method with a boolean as an argument. I try to do the

(let* ((jlclass (jclass "java.lang.Class"))
       (for-name (jmethod  jlclass "forName"
               (jclass "java.lang.String")
               (jclass "boolean")
               (jclass "java.lang.ClassLoader"))))
  (jstatic for-name jlclass "org.postgresql.Driver" t
But it raises the error:

The value T is not of class boolean
   [Condition of type ERROR]

I tried replacing '(jclass "boolean") for '(jclass "java.lang.Boolean"),
but in that case it doesn't find the for-name method.

How am I supposed to invoke the method!

Thanks in advance!

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