[armedbear-devel] JSS issues: bug in jss::with-constant-signature, jss::invoke-find-method?

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Wed May 16 12:16:31 UTC 2012

On Apr 5, 2012, at 21:38 , Jonathan P. Bona wrote:

> It looks like there's an issue with caching methods -- the arguments aren't being taken into account. We're using the following as a temporary workaround version of invoke-find-method:

This should be fixed in [r13937][1].  From looking at the original
version of JSS, I apparently badly misunderstood the macrology
involved in WITH-CONSTANT-SIGNATURE, mistakenly trying to implement
an unnecessary (and broken) method cache.  

[1]: http://trac.common-lisp.net/armedbear/changeset/13937

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