[armedbear-devel] bug in FASL loader

Durward McDonell durward.mcdonell at jhuapl.edu
Mon Jul 23 16:48:09 UTC 2012


I believe I have found a bug in FASL loading, with respect
to *read-base* being reset. At least, I get the behavior I
expect in sbcl, and not in abcl.

Consider the following code:

(defmacro foo-bar (s)
   `(sublis '((foo . bar)) ,s))

(defun foo-bar-rb ()
   (let ((*read-base* #x10)
         (it (read)))
     (eval it)))

Load this code, then execute (foo-bar-rb).
It will wait for input. Type (foo-bar '(foo)).
I would expect this to evaluate to (bar), but
abcl gives a FASL version mismatch, where it
seems that it is reading the FASL in the new
base (16 instead of 10), and reports "found '56'
but expected '38' in sublis".

Durward McDonell
durward.mcdonell at jhuapl.edu
240-228-2690 (DC)
443-778-2690 (Balt.)

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