[armedbear-devel] wrong FASL version with 1.0.1

Durward McDonell durward.mcdonell at jhuapl.edu
Wed Jul 18 18:18:00 UTC 2012


I'm using abcl-1.0.1. My code loads just fine, but when
I try to run it, I get

FASL version mismatch; found '38' but expected '26' in sublis

I'm running this in slime. If I do something like

(sublis '((foo . bar)) '(foo))

it works as expected, and THEN I can run my code and it works.
Is there something cached somewhere I need to blow away, or
is something else I need to do? If I look at the abcl.jar I'm
using, I can see that sublis.abcl says it's FASL version 38,
just like everything else in abcl.jar.


Durward McDonell
durward.mcdonell at jhuapl.edu
240-228-2690 (DC)
443-778-2690 (Balt.)

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