[armedbear-devel] Monday progress meeting

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 21:05:56 UTC 2012

Hi Mark,

Dunno if I'll be making it to our monday progress meeting tomorrow
(travelling to be done). But this is my status:

 * My work on DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION can be considered Done; I left some
todo's behind which should be relatively small
   in comparison to the original problem. It's now just a matter of
changing the symbols in the backquote patterns.
 * My work on the autoloader has been mostly done as far as our current
infrastructure allows; next steps:
   - Clean autoload.lisp for any symbols which automatically end up in
   - Create infrastructure for autoloading of SETF functions (ie function
names not designated by a symbol)
* Crashes evaluating a form referencing an undefined function in a clean
image --> solved by requiring PRINT-OBJECT in the right place
  With respect to this point: it's possibly a good idea to do a search of
the code base and find out if we're doing this everywhere
   PRINT-OBJECT methods are being defined
* Autoloader fails when *READ-xxx* variables bound to unexpected values -->
* Implement USE-FAST-CALLS properly --> resolved by deleting the
USE-FAST-CALLS infrastructure from the interpreter; the compiler already
does the right thing
* Compiling #n# causes stack overflow --> solved; however, Stas Boukarev
reports that the case I've fixed only fixes in-memory compilation and the
issue still exists in file compilation. Ticket #191 should be re-opened to
and should say so.

All in all a pretty good result for one week. However, from here on $WORK
will start again which means I'll only be able to address the bigger issues
in small steps. Or just the smaller issues, of course. Which is why I'm
glad to have worked out the D-M-C stuff. That was a week more than full
time work to completely comprehend the spec and macrology going on in our

That's it for now. If I'm available tomorrow at 21:00 CET, I'll be on #abcl.


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