[armedbear-devel] asdf and windows vs unix on abcl

Mark Evenson evenson.not.org at gmail.com
Mon Oct 24 16:55:17 UTC 2011

On Oct 24, 2011, at 18:16 , Faré wrote:

> Dear ABCL hackers,
> congratulations for releasing 1.0!!!
> Doing a last round of cleanups before release of ASDF,
> I find that I must test features at runtime for finding
> the implementation-identifier, too.
> The next question of course is:
> should it matter that we're running on linux-x64 or not?
> It might, if people ever use CFFI to link to actual C code
> via JNI or some such. Does ABCL have this capability?
> If yes (or you intend to eventually/soon),
> then I'll leave OS and machine type in the identifier.
> If not, then I'll both expand to Java (or does the specific
> Java-1.x tag matter?).

The referenced [patch will enable CFFI running under ABCL to load
jna.jar from Maven repositories over the internetwork][1].

[1]: http://trac.common-lisp.net/armedbear/ticket/176


For most purposes, what the operating environment is executing the
hosted JVM should be irrelevant for users of the implementation.
jna.jar packages native shared objects in a variety of formats, and
has reasonable code for finding the correct implementation to
dynamically link, so for ABCL just defer to the use of


There seems to be something a little funky with the ABCL JAR-PATHNAME
under ASDF-2.017.22, so we expect to patch for abcl-1.0.1 (within
a month), so we're right on track with you.  How can I test XCVB?


To find what platform the hosted JVM is executing under, I might suggest some variant of 

  CL-USER> (when (find :unix *features* ) (run-program "uname" '("-a")))

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