[armedbear-devel] Maven & ABCL

Ville Voutilainen ville.voutilainen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 07:00:13 UTC 2011

On 10 February 2011 08:56, Mark Evenson <evenson at panix.com> wrote:
> As for supporting even more of the Java ecosystem, I would
> parenthetically add there are two more potential ways to broaden our
> reach that I can think of that are lying dormant around my various
> filesystems.  One would be including Eclipse project information in the
> trunk, sharing most of the build instructions with Ant.  The second
> would be including OSGi packaging information in our jar which I worked
> with Alan as part of the URI PATHNAME work to implement.  My time is
> very constrained to move these along, especially with testing as
> Eclipse/Equinox are not in my daily toolbox, but if someone has an
> ability to test either, I can package up my current diffs for
> distribution via email.

Eclipse seemed to import our ant build pretty effortlessly. I haven't needed
any ready-made eclipse project file to run/debug abcl with eclipse.

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