[armedbear-devel] XCL and ASDF

Faré fahree at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 19:05:57 UTC 2011

> Thanks! I've committed asdf.lisp 2.014.2 to XCL's tree on github.

> Fixed on github. (quit :status 42) or (exit :status 42) should work now.

>> * Your make-pathname erroneously merges directories as in
>> merge-pathnames. It shouldn't.
> Can you give an example of this misbehavior, and what the correct
> behavior should be?
for i in sbcl ccl clisp ecl ccl abcl xcl gclcvs allegro scl ; do echo
$i ; cl-launch -l $i -s asdf -f ~/bug/xcl-make-pathname.lisp; done 2>
/dev/null |& tee /tmp/foo
Everyone correctly replies #p"" except abcl and xcl that reply #p"/home/fare/".

the bug file contains:
(defparameter *h* "/home/fare/")
(defparameter *make* (make-pathname :directory nil :defaults *h*))
(format t "~S~%" *make*)

I wonder why I didn't detect the bug in abcl earlier. Cc'ing the abcl

Also, it's very annoying for cl-launch that xcl doesn't have a
--no-inform mode. Even more annoying when some output goes to
standard-output *after* I print my stuff and call quit. Can you fix

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