[armedbear-devel] over-agressive handler for module-provide-system

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Wed May 12 10:06:40 UTC 2010

On 5/11/10 7:34 PM, Alan Ruttenberg wrote:
> Current:
> (defun module-provide-system (module)
>    (let ((*readtable* (copy-readtable nil)))
>      (handler-case
>          (load-system-file (string-downcase (string module)))
>        (t (e)
>          (unless (and (typep e 'error)
>                       (search "Failed to find loadable system file"
>                               (format nil "~A" e)))
>            (format *error-output* "Failed to require  ~A because '~A'~%"
>                    module e))
>          nil))))
> First, t is too strong - warns will kill it.


> Second, why not let the debugger handle it if there is an error?

The debugger may not yet be in place, as REQUIRE is used by system code 
to indicate dependencies.

Maybe we should redefine MODULE-PROVIDE-SYSTEM once the debugger is in 

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