[armedbear-devel] Unfair fresh-line.5 ANSI-TEST?

dmiles@users.sourceforge.net logicmoo at gmail.com
Mon Mar 1 17:23:28 UTC 2010

Fresh-line.5 is a when we compare the output string againt a string
read from the file.. this means the test is contigent on the line
ending style of ABCL matching what SVN checkout did.

  (let (result)
       (write-char #\Space s)
       (setq result
              (multiple-value-list (notnot-mv (fresh-line s)))
              (multiple-value-list (fresh-line s))
              (multiple-value-list (fresh-line s)))))
" ((t) (nil) (nil)))

I am thinking the compared to litteral needs to be a constant
programmatily contructed.

Such as a  write-char #\Space + write-char #\Newline

Any thoughts of patch ideas for the ansi-tests?

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