[armedbear-devel] #P serialization across Windows/non-Windows

Mark Evenson evenson at panix.com
Fri Jun 18 10:37:01 UTC 2010

On 6/17/10 7:38 PM, Alessio Stalla wrote:
> Proposed solution: let's invent an ABCL-specific way to print
> arbitrary pathnames. I proposed #P"abcl:(make-pathname ...)" which is
> ANSI-compatible and similar enough to what the current code in
> Pathname.writeToString can produce. Let's use that to print
> pathnames[1]. Reading them back is as simple as (eval
> (read-from-string ...)), and no other code needs to be modified.
> What do you think?
> [1] if not always, at least with dump-form, and when *print-readably*
> is T and the namestring can't be used. In the latter case currently
> the #P(...) syntax is used. Btw, probably dump-form *should* bind
> *print-readably* to T...

Hmmm, not sure I totally like if your proposal is that a PATHNAME is 
always in the #P"abcl:(make-pathname …)".  If you are just proposing 
this is used when a namestring can't be produced, then I support this 
(weakly). I would claim that users are pretty cognitively wired at this 
point to expect a path be a string containing directory separators that 
we want to obey the "principle of least surprise" here.

Your proposal still doesn't say what ABCL on non-Windows should do with 
a deserialized PATHNAME that represents a UNC path or has a drive letter 

The current code (as I understand it) on non-Windows would treat a UNC 
pathname encoded as a string , e.g. "\\a\b\c\d",  as an error as the 
'\c' doesn't represent a valid Java char escape sequence, although a 
case like "\\n\n\n\baz" would name the file with char sequence ('\' LF 
LF BS 'a' 'z').

Counter-proposal #1: Note that java.io.File *does* correctly accept "/" 
as a directory separator under Windows.  So, we could potentially just 
declare "/" as our directory separator in the #P representation on all 
platforms.  I would then make UNC pathnames not have a printable 
namestring, so inadvertent doubling of path separators doesn't cause 
confusion.  For UNC and drive letters on non-Windows, I would signal a 
condition when a de-reference was attempted with a restart that tried to 
DWIM (ignore the UNC share, drop the drive letter reference, or allow a 
user supplied correction).

Counter-proposal #2: Use URI (IRI?) for the namestring representation. 
This fits better to the nature of ABCL pathnames i.e. they aren't really 
just about filesystems at this point.  '/' would again be the standard 
directory path separator.  UNCs would get their own scheme (or we would 
enforce RFC 3986 so that 'file://server/share/dir/file' means UNC 
whereas 'file:///not/a/server/but/absolute' means an absolute pathname). 
  Drive letters would be part of the URI authority 
('file://c:/windows/path').  The same sort of DWIM condition/restarts 
for Windows-specific semantic on non-Windows would be available.  As a 
user convenience, we might make the 'file://' prefix be optionally inferred.

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